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Local food & drink found on the Islands of Cape Verde

Cape Verde - Food & Drink

Cape Verde Fish

Cape Verdean cuisine is mainly fish, so for 'fish lovers' it will be seventh heaven with fresh lobster, tuna, octopus, snapper and moray eels all freshly caught from the warm seas and these little/big fishes will definitely not break the bank.

A speciality of the islands and should be tried at least once is CACHUPA - a hearty dish made with maize, beans, herbs, sweet potato with either fish or meat added. Other local specialities include goats cheese, jams and semi dried fruits, all excellent for those with the sweeter tooth. There is an abundance of fruit available like mangoes, bananas, papayas and guavas.

Cape Verde Food

As the islands are now opening up to the European holiday market, there are an increasing number of restaurants and bars offering meals for the European palette. The amount of choice of restaurants and of food depending on which island you stay but as the tourist market is rapidly developing, one would be sure these choices will expand. A meal for 2 to include local drinks ranges from 12 Euros to 25 Euros but do remember to leave a tip.

Cape Verde Restaurants

Wine is available, mostly imported from Europe, however Fogo island produces its own wine which are very drinkable. Beer, the local one is called Strela and the others are imported brands mainly from Portugal.

Bottled water is widely available and should be drunk at all times. Milk should also be boiled before use as it may not be pasteurised. Providing meat & vegetables are well cooked and fruit peeled, it should provide a very tasty dining experience.